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Another Story..

Pairing: Kirito/Miyavi

Still incomplete..XP

Miyavi removed his headset, and stepped away from the microphone. Finally, he could go home and rest. Not that he wanted to rest at all; in fact, sleep was the last thing on his mind. Miyavi wanted to return home to his precious Kirito. Yes, I know, not the best choice for a soul mate, but Miyavi loved him. And as far as Miya was concerned, Kirito loved him back…he just had an odd way of expressing it.

The vocalist took off the guitar from his shoulder, resting it gently back in it’s case. Before he had gone solo, and changed a single letter in his name, he had been the cute queer guitarist in Due le Quartz. Now he was a solo artist, and somehow that changed everything so quickly. After his first solo album, his fan base grew tremendously and his records began to sell like condoms during Valentines Day.

“Oh shit.” The vocalist swore under his breath. “Kirito’s going to kill me.” He glanced at his watch, and took off after saying goodbye to the studio technicians.

It was Kirito’s birthday, and he still hadn’t bought him a gift. The week before he had been reminding himself to think of something to get the other vocalist. Unfortunately he kept on putting it off, and forgetting. He was always working, and never had time for himself. Between work and Kirito all of his time was occupied.

Miyavi made his way through the hallways, down the stairs, and out of the large building. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Kirito’s number. Someone picked up on the first ring as if they were awaiting the call.

“Where the hell are you?” Kirito barked into the phone.

“Hello to you too…I just stepped out of the studio, and I was running a bit la-”

“Shut up and get your ass over here before I rip that ring out of your lip with my bare hands.” He said calmly.

“Your hands aren’t going anywhere near my lips with an attitude like that. I’m no fucking slave.” The dark haired man shot back, sucking on his lip ring protectively.

“Whatever,” Kirito sighed. “Just hurry up, Aiji will kill me if I make him wait to cut the cake. He just won’t shut up about how long it took him to bake it by scratch.”

“Who else is over there?” Miyavi asked, stopping on his way to the cab to buy flowers from a sidewalk vendor.

“Fucking nobody. Well, no one as important as you.” He said harshly, but that was about the closest thing Miyavi had gotten as a complement from Kirito all week. “Just hurry up.” He repeated.

“Alright, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Miyavi said and realized Kirito had hung up on him…again. He grumbled and got into his cab he had waved down after purchasing the flowers.

Kirito tossed his phone across the living room and onto the couch just ahead of him. It was Aiji’s great idea to throw a party for Kirito, but he never thought twice about whose house it would be at. There were people crowded all around Kirito’s apartment. People he didn’t know were telling him happy birthday, and he didn’t particularly care. And every now and then Aiji or Kohta would approach him with a group of people to introduce him to.

Kirito wasn’t exactly antisocial…he just wasn’t a people person.

“You fucking touch my vase again, and I swear I’ll strangle the shit out of you!” Kirito hollered across the room to some random guy poking at the vase his mother had given him a while back. He didn’t particularly like it, but Kohta had forced him to keep it in his house to show a little respect to their mother.

Jun sat down next to Kirito. “God, I hate parties.” Jun sighed.

“Well…at least Aiji and Kohta are having fun with this. This is so freaking retarded…”

Just as the last words trailed off of Kirito’s lips, Aiji approached the two unentertained band mates followed by about 5 familiar looking people.

“I brought guests!” Aiji chirped.

“God no more please…” Jun whispered, which brought a smile to Kirito’s lips.

“This is Dir en Grey!” Aiji smiled, taking the hand of a tall purple-haired man.

“Looks like Aiji’s banging the guitarist…” Jun whispered again to Kirito.

Kirito held his laugher, and stood to shake hands with the other visual kei band. After shaking hands with a scary looking blonde with body peircings everywhere, Kirito looked behind him. “You bastard!” Kirito yelled grabbing Toshiya’s arm tightly. “What took you damn long?"

“Ano…” Toshiya started. That wasn’t Miyavi’s voice.

Kirito let go of the raven-haired bassist quickly. “Gomen, gomen…you looked like someone else…”

“Yeah, Totchi does look like Miyavi-san doesn’t he?” Said one of the band members with bright red hair and dark eyeliner.

Kirito looked the man over. Toshiya was wearing a leather outfit with really tight leather pants, enhancing his long slender legs. He even had Miyavi’s hairstyle, and the faces were similar…well…minus the lip ring. Toshiya smiled at the vocalist revealing hideously crooked teeth. Kirito’s eyes widened…nope that wasn’t his Miya-chan.

The man attached to Aiji’s arm spoke. “Diru, roll call.”

The red head spoke first. “Die-chan, I play guitar.”

“Shinya, drums.” A frail looking brunette with curls said in a masculine voice.

“Kyo desu. Vocalist.” The scary looking blonde said. Kirito knew Kyo. They once did a photo shoot together…but that was long ago.

“I’m Toshiya. I play bass.” He said with that same goofy smile on his face.

“Kaoru plays guitar too…but he just walked off with his new boy toy.” Die spoke noticing that Kirito was just starring at all of them.

Kirito ran his long fingers through his black highlighted hair. He said nothing. He normally never spoke unless it was completely necessary. Aiji had the strangest taste in men…Kirito just stared at the four men.

Jun elbowed Kirito. “I think this is where we introduce ourselves.”

He rolled his eyes, and obliged. “Kirito desu. I’m the vocalist and leader of Pierrot…and this…” he looked over at Jun who was checking out Shinya who was clinging tightly to Die. “Jun-san…but we just call him hentai.”

Jun looked up quickly. “Oro?”

“Nothing...” A figure appeared behind Dir en Grey, and made his way through the crowd with a large bouquet of flowers towards Kirito.

“Happy birthday, koi.” He handed the flowers to Kirito, and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Kirito rolled his eyes, and tossed the flowers to the ground. “I have allergies.”

“Ass hole…” Miyavi spat.

“We’re going to get something to drink.” Kyo dragged Shinya away to the kitchen with all intentions to get him drunk enough to bed the drummer.

Toshiya looked at the petit vocalist. He blinked dumbly. He didn’t look anything like him. Well, the hair maybe…but he couldn’t see any other resemblance. Miyavi was short, and skinny while Totchi was tall and well defined.

Kirito caught the bassist starring at his boyfriend, and glared wickedly at the man. Grabbing Miyavi by the hand he pulled him close, and wrapped his arm around his waist protectively.

“You’ll have to excuse Toshiya…he has wondering eyes.” Kyo stated attempting to assist his band mate.

Miyavi broke away from Kirito’s tight grasp. “Hey!!…I know you! Are you Dir en Grey?” Miyavi questioned excitedly.

Kyo smiled, and his face full of metal shifted. He was kind of cute…in a strange alternate universe kind of way. “Yes.” He shot looks at Kirito. “I think we’ve met before…somewhere,” he said to Pierrot’s vocalist.

“Yes. There was a photo shoot for some magazine a while back. I was there, and other vocalists were too.”

“I remember. Hizumi, Yomi, Isshi, and Sakito.”

“Which Sakito? My Sakito??” Miyavi interrupted. Kirito glared at the small vocalist. Why did he have to say “my” Sakito? Was there something between them?

“No, Nightmare’s Sakito…the guitarist. He wasn’t part of the photo shoot, but he came with Yomi. I think that was when they were…uh…”

“Screwing?” Toshiya offered. He had bedded at least half of the visual kei industry. Totchi did live up to his reputation in bed though, that’s probably why he had the reputation he did.

“Thanks for putting it so bluntly.” Kyo said looking at Kirito who didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything being said. “Miyavi…how long have you and Kirito been…uh…”

“Screwing?” Totchi offered yet again.

Kyo glared at his bassist. “Just because you’ve had half the world, doesn’t mean everyone else is as open about it.”

“Oh…gomen.” Totchi gave a nervous laugh. “Forgive my forwardness.”

“Oh, it’s alright. I don’t mind, do you Kiri-chan?” Miyavi looked up at his lover, who was now grimacing.

“Sumimasen, I’m going to go get something to drink.” He let go of Miyavi and stormed away.

“Aren’t you going to go after him?” Kyo asked.

“He’ll be alright.” Miyavi walked the two men over to Kirito’s couch, which was surprisingly vacant. “So, excuse me if I’m being rude, but have any of you slept with Gackt?”

“I tried, but he wouldn’t have any of it.” Totchi pouted.

Kyo laughed. “I almost did, but at the last minute I figured out he wanted me to be on the receiving end…and that wasn’t going to work for me.”

“You never told me that! What else happened?” The bassist turned to the blonde.

“Let’s just say…the legendary magnum…was…just a legend.” The three men laughed.

“Have you had any interesting lays?” Toshiya directed the question to Miyavi.

“You mean besides Kirito?” Miyavi blushed.

“Let’s start with him. How did you two first meet?”

“Well, it was when I was doing my first single without Quartz…so I wasn’t that famous yet…. Anyway. I was supposed to put on this Gothic and Lollita outfit, and all the dressing rooms were occupied, so the photographer put me in the same room as Kirito, and told us to share.”

“And then he fucked your brains out, and you’ve been in love ever since?” Kyo offered.

“No…I actually I tried to kill him.”

The two men laughed. “Continue.” They said in unison.

“Well, I was a big Pierrot fan…and he was…an asshole. As soon as the photographer left, Kirito dropped his outfit on the ground, and laid down across the sofa in the dressing room. So, being the naive individual that I was, I approached him. He had his eyes closed so I tapped him on the shoulder. He didn’t respond to kindly to that…you know Kirito. So he started yelling and swearing, then he said something…I’ll never forget it. He said, “Aren’t you that piece of shit guitarist who’s trying to go solo? You can’t even sing, go home.” That pissed me off, and before I knew it I was on top of him with my fingers curled tightly around his neck. I went crazy and told him never to insult my talent or me ever again, and when I looked down expecting him to be sorry or something, he was smiling at me…the asshole.”

“Then what happened?”

“He said he liked my voice, and thought it would be interesting to see what I sounded like when I was screaming his name. So I told him never in a million years would he ever have me. I was so wrong…He grabbed my hands and easily removed them from his neck, and pulled my body down onto his…etc. etc.”

“So you guys screwed in the dressing room?”

“…Yes…” Miyavi blushed.

The two men grinned. “So who else in the industry have you bedded?”

“Sakito from Nightmare, Tetsu from L’arc-en-ciel…and…I guess I have a thing for guitarists. Oh yeah…and kind of Mana-sama.”

“Malice Mizer Mana?”

“Moi Dix Mois Mana?”

“Yes…Gothic and Lollita Mana.” Miyavi confirmed. “Why?”

“That guy is scary.” Kyo said ironically.

“He’s a really great…person.” Miyavi said unable to bring himself to say the word man.

“So how did it go?” Toshiya asked curiously.

“There was a whole misunderstanding before we got things straightened out. You see…he thought I was a woman, and invited me back to his place.”

“WAIT!” Die and Shinya made their way back to the couch to hear the story. “Alright continue.”

“So, I go to Mana-sama’s place thinking how lucky I was and what not. Then after a while of groping and such, much to Mana’s surprise I wasn’t a woman. He kicked me out of his house without even apologizing. He said men were dirty, and that was that.”

“So…Mana is…straight?”

“As an arrow…” Miyavi confirmed.

“Jesus…for some reason that just makes no sense…and I’d never considered that possibility. God, that’s twisted.” Kyo mused.

“I bet next you’ll tell us that Toshiya here is a virgin.” Die chuckled at his own comment.

“Shut up, Daisuke. You’ve had your fair share of ass too.” Totchi came back quickly.

Die looked at Shinya who was now glaring at him. “Nani?”

“EVERYONE!! IT’S TIME TO CUT THE CAKE!!” Aiji’s voice pierced the loudness of the room.

The crowd of men rose to their feet, and headed towards the kitchen.

“Alright people gather around.” Aiji instructed, a tall Kaoru standing behind him.

Miyavi pushed into the crowd to get a good view, looking around for Kirito. After a while, the vocalist felt someone press up on him from behind. “There you are, Kirito. We’re going to cut the cake now.” Miyavi attempted to turn, but the man behind him grabbed him by the waist and pulled him back into them pressing their lips on the vocalist’s neck. Miyavi smiled not wanting the vocalist behind him to stop.

“Forget about Kirito. He doesn’t care about you.” The voice said soothingly.

Miyavi’s eyes widened. That wasn’t Kirito’s voice…Miyavi looked up towards Kirito’s bedroom door instinctively for help. A pair of intense eyes glared back at him in misunderstanding, and slammed the door, in what felt like Miyavi’s face, although the door was so far away it would be impossible to feel it from that distance.

“Ano…Whoever you are…uh…please let me go, Kirito will kill me if I don’t straighten this out right now.” He continued to struggle with the man’s lips still pressed firmly against his neck. It felt good, but he knew it was wrong.

“…So you really care about him, huh?” The man said, releasing his hold on Miyavi.

“I do.” He whipped around quickly to see who had put their lips on him, incase Kirito would like to kill someone… “Toshiya?”

“Surprise?” The bassist smiled his crooked smile. “Go ahead, and get Kirito back. It’s clear that you care for him, but I won’t give up that easily, Miya-chan.” The raven-haired man winked and walked away from Miyavi.

As soon as Toshiya walked away, Aiji approached Miyavi. “We have to cut the cake…and well…Kirito won’t come out of his room, please go and get him...he listens to you…”

Miyavi was still speechless from Toshiya’s threat/promise, and simply nodded, heading in the direction of Kirito’s room.

“Kirito…it’s me. We need to talk.” He knocked on the door lightly.

“Get out of my house!” The vocalist yelled.

Miyavi sighed. This wasn’t going to be easy, but how could he expect Kirito to take it easily? Kirito cared about the guitarist, and Miyavi…whether or not he wanted to admit it, was quite in love with the vocalist.

“Please…just open the door…”he begged.

“Oh, if you’re looking for your tongue, try looking down that bassist’s fucking throat.” He hissed from behind the door. Miyavi could tell he was now standing right behind the big piece of wood.

“God, Kirito…Stop assuming things!!” Miyavi banged harder on the door. “It wasn’t what it looked like, and unless you want all these strangers in your house to know you’re business, you need to open this damn door!”

The door opened, and Kirito pulled him into the familiar room, and locked the door behind him.

“Look, what you saw wasn’t what it looked like.” The guitarist began to speak.

“I don’t care…” Kirito crossed his arms over his chest, unable to look into the other man’s eyes.

“Stop being stubborn, and listen to me!” Miyavi yelled.

“Don’t yell at me! I should be the one yelling! You were just out there with that whore, doing God knows what! You have no right to yell at me!”

“Well at least listen to my fucking side of the story!” Miyavi screamed.

“No, it’s over!! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!” Kirito replied.

“What…what do you mean it’s…over?” Miyavi blinked, his eyes began to water.

“Get out.”

“NO!” He didn’t try to wipe away his tears or anything; he walked over to Kirito and wrapped his arms around him. “You don’t mean that…you don’t…”

“I do.”

“You can’t…Toshiya was behind me, and I thought…I thought it was you.” Miyavi spoke between sobs, and rubbed his face into the taller man’s chest. “I love you, you idiot, and I would never do something like that.”

“You what…” Kirito’s eyes widened.

“I love you, damn it!” Miyavi continued to sob into his chest, and soon felt arms wrap tightly around him.

“Then let’s go…” Kirito said breaking away from Miyavi and unbuttoning his shirt.

Miyavi blinked. “What? You mean now, with all those people out there?”

“If you love me…” Kirito said with a smug grin that annoyed the hell out of him, but kind of make him love the vocalist even more.

“Alright, fine…” Miyavi walked to the door, and half expected the crowd that faced him when he opened the door. “Aiji…” the guitarist stepped forward. “We’ll be out in a while…” Aiji nodded understanding, and Miyavi shut the door.

When Miyavi turned back to Kirito he was already naked and waiting. Smiling to himself, Miyavi approached the tempting looking nude man, and looked up at him. “What are you up to?”

“I want that bastard Toshiya to hear you scream…my name.” He added at the last second, pulling Miyavi forward and pulling off the smaller man’s shirt up over his head.

“You know he isn’t the only one out there listening, right?” Miyavi purred into his lover’s ear.

“I don’t care, let them hear.” Kirito unbuckled Miya’s belt successfully, watching as the thin man’s pants fell to the ground.

I needa finish that too..T_T
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