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...Emo hairstyles 
09:57am 15/07/2005
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12:43pm 24/06/2005
mood: amused
If you ever wanted to see how I rp <3

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XD omg 
09:52am 09/06/2005
mood: crazy

I had to post these pics....something about them is just.... i dono....I just had to post them XD




they are both Mana btw....

<3 Yanique

10:52am 04/06/2005
mood: aggravated

Okay here's the deal...I'm trying to make an icon of matthew....

I want it to say something that he always says....XD 

"Magic wa~" or "Get Away dayo!" 

Anything really....but I want it to be cool....Can anyone do this for me...I tried and

This is what I gotCollapse ) 

But I want to know if anyone can make it move or make it look cooler or something XD.

Here are more pictures of Genki Matthew (Mashuu) so you understand what genkiness I am trying to capture.

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Please someone help....<3

X-Posted to like lots of places...

<3 Yanique

I swear this girl is an idiot.... 
07:52am 03/06/2005
mood: sleepy
XKoujiXOnoderaX: morning
Miyaviness: good morning
XKoujiXOnoderaX: sup?
Miyaviness: nothing i just found out some bad news
XKoujiXOnoderaX: what?
Miyaviness: Daishi from Psycho le Cemu was arrested for drug use
XKoujiXOnoderaX: O.O
XKoujiXOnoderaX: oh no.
Miyaviness: T_T I know
XKoujiXOnoderaX: drug use or abuse?
XKoujiXOnoderaX: drug abuse i mean
Miyaviness: yeah
Miyaviness: I have the article
Miyaviness wants to directly connect.
XKoujiXOnoderaX is now directly connected.
Miyaviness: it was on Yahoo japan
XKoujiXOnoderaX: its in english?
Miyaviness: Psycho le Cemu vocalist arrested for stimulants

Kajinaga Daishi, vocalist of rock group Psycho le Cemu (29), was arrested by the Kanagawa police during a two-day operation of its task force against drug use and small arms for suspicion of stimulant use.

According to the investigation, Kajinaga is suspected of using stimulants while in the metropolitan area of Tokyo at the end of May.
On May 31, Kajinaga underwent a urine analysis that showed up positive for stimulants.

In regard to the investigation, Kajinaga denies all allegations, saying “I’m not using them.”

Prefectural police forces are trying to gain ground on the trafficking routes used for stimulants.

According to Nippon Crown, the record company to which Psycho le Cemu is signed, since their debut in 2002, Kajinaga has been performing under the name DAISHI.

XKoujiXOnoderaX: oh souka
Miyaviness: yeah this is the translations
XKoujiXOnoderaX: ah souka
XKoujiXOnoderaX: he looked high at the convention though too.
XKoujiXOnoderaX: x.x
Miyaviness: >_>;
Miyaviness: you aren't helping T_T
XKoujiXOnoderaX: im sorry...
XKoujiXOnoderaX: but ^^;;; he is cute but im not a big fan
XKoujiXOnoderaX: if it were kyo that would be another thing
XKoujiXOnoderaX: but he isnt stupid enough to do this
XKoujiXOnoderaX: or that xD
Miyaviness: lmao
Miyaviness: i understand
XKoujiXOnoderaX: well better get tvjapan..gonna be daishi at court
XKoujiXOnoderaX: x3
Miyaviness: omg thats mean

why she is quitting band:
XKoujiXOnoderaX: because i want to take a break from music
XKoujiXOnoderaX: i want to take french and fashion essentials
Miyaviness: ...*dies laughing* fashion essentials?
Miyaviness: XD
XKoujiXOnoderaX: ...yes.
XKoujiXOnoderaX: so then i can spend more time sewing and making clothes
New Community 
04:30pm 21/05/2005
mood: excited

Please join my new community.  It's a commutnity sepecifically for indies jrock/visual kei fans.


Thank You.  ^_^

11:21am 23/03/2005
mood: T_T
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Takanori-san (TMR) is very attractive..in my opinion in everyone's opinion...but...there is a problem. He is considered to some as jpop. Yes it is true...I have become obsessed with a jpop artist. This also brings into the picture W-INDS...they also are not jrock. I can no longer say that I hate jpop...it seems many of my favorite artists these days are no longer jrockers.

For example...Gackt. Yes he was at one point the ULTIMATE visual kei vocalist back in his Mizer days. Then he and Mana thats a rumor right? got into some problems and the Gacktness went solo. That is where his jrock saga ended. His first solo single, Mizerable, was not jpop. He could have continued on that path...however...by the time Vanilla came out, it was too late. He had abandon his jrock roots. HOWEVER!!! He could technically still be considered jrock due to some of the content of his songs and such. But not anymore...I'm afraid his new album is full of tear jerky ballads...X-Japan got away with ballads, but can Gackt do it and still be respected? You have to question your fandom of an artist when you hear a brand new song and think to yourself..."this sounds like his last single." The truth is Gackt's songs are becoming more depressing, and more ballad-ish, and his up tempo-songs are now non-exsistant...As sad as this may seem, I really did intend to write about Taka-chan...but all that just leads down to Gackt...and his failiure to produce upbeat songs. It is like Evanessence trying to sing happy songs...ok...bad analogy...

What I am trying to say is...I want the old Gackt back T_T...this depressed ballad boy isn't cutting it for me...I miss the old Gakuto!!! *sigh*...does anyone else feel this way?
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Another Story.. 
06:36pm 19/01/2005
mood: apathetic
Pairing: Kirito/Miyavi

Still incomplete..XP

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I needa finish that too..T_T
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06:33pm 19/01/2005
mood: aggravated
Jrock Fanfic i wrote....

Band: Nightmare
Pairing: Ni~ya/ Yomi

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its not done yet...
Sugizo's Legs...Toshiya's teeth 
10:41am 07/01/2005
  I've been thinking...about Sugizo's legs. They are very fine specimens. Yes. I have to admit that. That is why he has earned the name walking porn...but...Kozi has nice legs as well...and I won't even start with Miyavi or Gackts legs...Why do jrockers tend to have such good bodily features?

Anyway...Next topic...Toshiya's teeth...I personally believe they add to his...cuteness..honestly. I love them. Others may feel that they ruin his overall sexyness...but I have now grown to love these abstract peices of art and accept them as masterpieces...
1st postness 
11:19am 26/12/2004
mood: how dare he? lol
10 reasons why I hate/Envy Mana

1 I cant afford any of the clothes in his clothing line.
2 He's prettier than half the worlds female population.
3 He's prettier than me.
4 He has nicer legs than me...
5 He and Kozi were close *wants Kozi for myself*
6 He's too damn sexy
7 He looks like he won't let anyone touch him with a 5.6ft pole
8 He's intimidating.
9 He looks better in a dress than I do...
10 I want his dress...

Come on...how can you not hate this man...I think I love him more than I hate him...but still...XD Dont you ever wonder what he looks like under all the frills and curls and such?...
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